Man Who Attacked Run The Jewels On Stage At SXSW Still Walking Around Austin

No arrest was made at the venue, and Austin Police said that the matter was handled by private security.

Sonzala described the scene to BuzzFeed Music on Tuesday.

“After he was thrown out, I walked out and asked police working the line to get in if they planned on arresting the man who just attempted to assault the band onstage,” he said. “They come with me and we find him right around the corner from the venue — he’s sitting on a stoop, skull open, bleeding down his face. Police talk to him, come back and say to me they can’t arrest him based on my testimony alone.”

Austin police told BuzzFeed Music that an arrest in such an incident is “a case-by-case basis that depends on a few different factors — level of injury, witnesses, video evidence, and whether it’s a family dispute.”